Well all, I think I’ve waited long enough to weigh in on this Kim Kardashian bashing session on her having pierced her one year old daughter’s ears.  And how can I speak on KK, without mentioning Beyonce and her daughter’s hair?  So, buckle your seatbelts, settle in because I’m going in deep (whether you like it or not!).

I am no fan of these Kardashian people, and although it’s my choice to feel this way, I have nothing against them, either.  I do enjoy their closeness as a family and am truly happy to sit and watch episodes where they clearly have each other’s backs.  It warms my heart to know that they love each other so fiercely.   When I heard that she had pierced her daughter’s ears at the tender age of one, I was shocked because listen closely, my first daughter had her ears pierced at the tender age of 6 months!  As I had been too chicken all my life to have my own ears pierced, my sisters insisted that my daughter was not going to be a dinosaur like me, wearing clip-ons well into her old age.  So, one day they took her to the mall and they had it done.  I, hearing my baby’s cries, had to remove myself from that end of the mall because I truly might have “whacked” the person who was piercing her ears.  Now, don’t get me wrong…I didn’t feel this way towards just the ear-piercer, I have never watched or held either of my daughters during their immunizations as my natural instinct as a FIERCE mama bear, is to “strike” anyone who I feel is causing them pain.  So in those instances, again, I had to physically remove myself from the vicinity of their cries. (Poor pediatricians and nurses of ours).

Now, when my second baby came along, my older sister had passed away and since she was the instigator of the ear-piercing of my first daughter, there was no one to really push the issue, so my 2nd daughter was three years old when I decided that I was going to take her to get her ears pierced.  BUT, I said that if I were going to put my baby in that hot seat, I was going to sit there first.  And so I did!  I walked into that store and I sat there and I screamed like a new-born baby having it’s hiney slapped to breathe life (because I have a phobia of needles or anything that might prick me…I’m a chicken in that regards) at that first “prick.” Then, after having the technician to wait several minutes before I was given the second “prick”, I cried/screamed again.  Everyone around me in that store, was laughing hysterically because this grown woman was carrying on the way I was.  But once I got up out of that chair, I was fine!  And my ears felt just so pretty!  Two weeks later, I bundled up my little joy and we headed to that same store and I held her as she got her ears pierced.  But get this…SHE…DIDN’T…CRY!  She frowned, and her little pudgy face turned red, but she…didn’t…cry!  (She also never cried getting her immunizations about that age…I’ve always wondered about that child.) 

Since the media has turned KK’s baby-ear-piercing into front page news, I have to say this in her defense…if you wait until a child is…let’s say 8 yrs old, as I heard someone say was the “right” age for ear-piercing, that child is going to definitely “feel” and REMEMBER that pain.  A baby, or little toddler (I say, the younger the better), is not going to remember.  Mind you, when they’re born, they are given so many different “shots” that first year to protect them against child-hood diseases, and though some of them may cry for a moment, it’s so fleeting as “their little minds can’t remember that long.” Even when it’s pain. 

I can’t remember what talk show I was flipping over the other day (as I’m too busy to watch anything other than the Young & the Foolish and my Housewives of every county) where the host asked the audience filled with women, how many agreed with KK’s decision. ALL OF THEM CLAPPED THEIR HANDS.  You know why, because we all did it and guess what, we are all still here. I’m sure no one has passed on due to an ear-piercing they got as a baby and simply put…IT’S NOT THAT BIG OF A DEAL!


Now, let me touch on Beyonce.  So, I’m in the hair salon and I hear these ladies talking about someone who had started a petition online to get Bey to comb her daughter’s hair and that Bey had caved in to the nosey naysayers.  Well, my initial reaction was:  “There is no way that I would change my attitude or mind about something I believe in based on the opinions of others!.” I then went on to say:  “That is her daughter’s hair and if she doesn’t want to comb it the way they think she should, then too bad!” I didn’t comb my 1st daughter’s hair with little bows and barrettes either, until the day of her 1st birthday.  Mind you, I said I didn’t put little hair accessories in her hair until then, as her little hair was so fine, only the velcro bows would stay. 

So, because of my opinion here, one of the ladies took it upon herself to google a photo of Beyonce’s daughter’s hair for me.  Let me tell you, if I had a belt, I would have whipped Beyonce’s butt all over the internet!  Now, there is a clear difference in the way she was obviously NOT maintaining her daughter’s hair and the way I was not adorning my daughter’s head with cute-sy bows and barrettes.  And although my opinion (kinda-sorta) remains the same about not caving to other’s opinions, I would suggest (thank goodness she’s already done it though) that she not allow the child’s hair to go on in that manner only because it will be extremely painful (based on the photos I saw) to comb it out the longer it’s in that state, and I wouldn’t want that pain for that child.  That’s my reasoning behind it.  If someone is parenting properly or obviously a good parent, I would never think to impose my opinions on their way of raising their kids, as I wouldn’t stand for anyone imposing their opinions on me.  And although I could be wrong, Kim and Beyonce both “appear” to be loving, doting moms.

Lastly, I need to offer this…for those of you who spend so much time sitting behind your keyboards and monitors dipping into the lives of other people, what else can you offer to the world?  Couldn’t you use that “talent” to go after people who really deserve your kind of attention?  Like pedophiles, human traffickers, murderers, etc…real criminals.  I mean, I am truly envious of you people because I wish I HAD THAT KIND OF TIME!  Let people live their lives as they see fit, not as we would have them to.  I surely have opinions and most of them are “severely” strong, but they are mine.  And as I am entitled to have them, the people who are the focus of my opinions, are entitled to their actions and their beliefs as long as they aren’t harming anyone.  Especially me and my house.  Live and let live, people.  To each his own, people.

So, there you have it.  My take on Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Carter’s celebrity parenting drama as well as those who spend so much time focusing on them.  What do you think about all of this?  Do share in the comments below. 



  1. I ran across the ear piercing drama and thought… “well sheesh.. I pierced my daughters’ at 8 weeks. I guess I’m worse than KK. But whatever… piercing baby girl ears are the norm. My only issue is when it’s a baby/toddler boys’ ear that’s been pierced. That’s a whole different story. I have no words for Baby Blu’s hair. Ridiculous is all I can come up with.

    Great blog Jules… as usual.


  2. I personally pierced my daughter’s ears when she was just a few weeks old and now at 11, she rarely even wears them. As for Beyonce’s daughter’s hair, well to each his own, but I would at least want my child’s hair brushed for its own health. Have a great day!


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