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parents whose children have reached adulthood and left home.

How many empty nesters do we have here today?  Well, I sadly pronounce that my hubby and I are now members of this class of parents – and, I must say, we are very reluctant participants of this group.

I can imagine that some of you were so very excited when your kids reached a certain age and moved away.  Many of you imagined your wonderful retirement years and had them planned out long before your kids were even teenagers.  And, there are those of you in this crowd today who couldn’t wait for the clock to strike midnight – you know, on their 18th birthday.  I must say, we are definitely not those parents.

No one gave us the memo that we’d have these babies, love them so fiercely, raise them to become amazing members of society and then one day…have to stand by and watch them fly the coop.  No – we missed that very important memo.  And, because someone at Parent Headquarters screwed up and forgot to clue us in on that part of our job – I demand a recall – I want my babies back home with me!

I’ve heard way too many parents spout the parent anthem:  “We raise them to grow up and become self-sufficient people so that they can take care of themselves.” No, we don’t – that’s not what I did – at least it’s not what I was intending to do.


I raised my babies to be strong, driven, talented, respectful, loving and caring young ladies – I didn’t raise them to grow up and leave me.  I guess I was putting in all of that hard work so that I could sit back and enjoy it – here, at home.

Seriously though, I’m not equipped to handle this new stage of my life and I don’t want to be.  This is the saddest time in my life and if it were up to me, they’d be upstairs in their bedrooms (which by the way, are just as they left them…never to be changed in case I win this war and somehow get them to come back home) yelling down for me to make their favorite breakfast.  Oh, yes, I miss that, too.

Just as God created us all so very differently, he didn’t make us any more alike as parents.  I always knew that I’d be “that” mom – the one who cried when her kids moved away – the one who still, today, bursts into tears at times while merely sitting at her desk, working.  I’m sad because I want them near me all the time.  And, although some of you moms may not share or even understand my grave feelings of sorrow, it doesn’t make me want to disguise my pain or pretend any less, that I’m feeling anything other than what I am.  Again, I don’t want to be part of this club.  I didn’t sign up for it and I just want to know, how do I get out of this horrible membership?

Daddy’s sad, too, although he’s handling it a lot better than I am.  But, that’s understandable..he didn’t grow those babies inside of him so even though they favor him more, it doesn’t make the bond that I share with them any less profound.

I ask again – any empty-nesters in the house today?  If so, I don’t want to hear that it’ll get easier as the days go by (if truth be told, I don’t want it to get easier), but, I would like to know how you’re handling your own transition, or how you did in the past when it was your turn.  And for those of you who don’t know it yet, trust me, we ALL have a turn and if yours hasn’t come around yet, thank your lucky stars. 

{FACT:  Mother birds will push their young out of the nest if they are defective, or when it is time for them to leave. … Sometimes a nest gets crowded and one of the nestlings gets accidentally knocked out by a nestmate. But it is unfortunately all too common for many baby birds to be pulled out of the nest by predators.}

Push them out?  I’m not “that” mom, either!  Empty-nesting = absolutely no fun at all.


Friends, this was probably the very first book trailer I ever created (I’ve grown since then) and I need to re-do it to make it perfect, but, I’ve held off on doing it because I’m kind of attached to this one.  Stay tuned!

Thanks for dropping by today!


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What If You Talked Yourself Into…Greatness? #RRBC #Parenting #Kids

When I saw this today, I just had to share it.  Now, this little “baby” is speaking his life as he walks to school.  He has already determined the kind of day he is going to have and the way that he says these things, makes me believe that he TRULY believes the words that are coming from his mouth.

Kudos to his mom for instilling the power of the spoken word, the belief in affirmations and the faith that he can do anything.

I am a firm believer in affirmations.  I stand before my mirror each morning and recite affirmations that I have written and retained so that I can speak the life that I want into existence. I begin by asking myself “What can I do today that will make me a far better person than I already am?”

What if we all took the time to talk ourselves into greatness?  Would we be better?  Stronger?  More powerful?  Would we feel more beautiful inside and out?   I believe all of this to be so.

I’ve no doubt, that this little guy will be and will do all that he has claimed.  His mommy has ensured that already.  Good job, Mommy!

(Make sure that your volume is up loud before you start the video clip)

If You Voted For Him, Has He Gone Too Far Yet? @nonniejules

I know that I should be standing on the premise of “When they go low, we go high” (Thank you, PRESIDENT BARACK & MRS. OBAMA for always exuding the highest level of dignity and decency), but what I am hearing today, has me outraged…on another level.  And, for the record, I don’t have to have brown skin to feel this way, and the same applies to you.

Logged into my Twitter just now and this is what I find…

How sad was that?  So, I ask – if you voted for him, has he gone too far yet?  Has he gone far enough for YOU to vote for something different in the coming election?  If you don’t think that this person is inciting hate and spewing the worst kind of venom ever, you are either wearing blinders that are too tight OR you’re just like him, and he’s doing exactly what you want him to do.  Yes, I said that and I didn’t stutter when I did.

When was there another time in our history that we had such a person running our country?  When?

When was there ever a time that our country was the laughing stock of third-world countries?  When?

When was there a time in our lives that we had to hang our heads in shame because we belong to the America that is now?

When was it ever this bad?  I mean, those babies at the border are still babies…no matter the shade of their skin…right?

MAGA?  Make America great again?  My America was great long before this person took office.  Now, my America looks more and more like a cartoon with every tweet that he sends from the Oval Office.

MAGA?  What does that mean to me coming from him?  Let me turn it around the way that I like to do when I’m putting a different spin on negativity.  Let’s get rid of MAGA and turn it around to AGAM.  You know what that means?  AGAINST GOD AND MAN, because everything that he does and every word from his mouth goes against God and Man.

 You’re welcome, person.

If you voted for him hoping that he would make some real positive change, I sincerely hope that you can now see that he is what is wrong with our country.

If you’re not happy with any of the candidates lining up to run against him (and there are many), meet “Bart” and his wife “Sally”…

All Lives Dogs

They’d be happy to step in and MAKE OUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN, and I love their campaign slogan more than anything!  They’ve got my vote!

“Hey, person, all the hate you give won’t stop us…WE WON’T MOVE.”

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I have crossed out the word person as it applies here, well, here is the definition of a person: human being as distinguished from an animal or a thingUnderstand now why I can’t even refer to him as such?

How do you feel about his latest incite of hate?  Voting for him again?


Oh, My! Guess Who’s in the Spotlight at #RRBC? #RWISA @4WillsPub

Hi! On the 5th day of my RRBC “SPOTLIGHT” Author tour, I thought I’d buck the norm and invite you to one of my many homes here online.  Welcome to ASK THE GOOD MOMMY!  The good mommy would be me, just in case there’s any doubt.

Nonnie Jules (2)

Here’s another excerpt, taken from my most recently published short story…


Open Shut by NJ

(This excerpt begins in the middle of a larger piece but I’m sharing this portion as it gives more clarity into future posts along the tour).


June 28, 2000

Dear Diary

Woke up a little feverish today so I didn’t go to school. Mom gave me some cold medicine and I feel a little better, but, she scheduled a doc appt for next week anyway.

I’m seeing my new angel friend on a regular basis now. I’m not that freaked out or afraid anymore when she appears. I believe her when she says I’ll be OK…but, only if I go with her. If you think Mom has a thing against God now…Whew! I wouldn’t want to be him on that day when she realizes I’ve run away with one of his angels, let me tell you. So, I thank her (in my mind) and just keep going on about my business.

She did speak to me again yesterday. She said eventually I’d have no choice but to visit her home. Now, that confused me because I don’t know what’s so special about her house, but, OK.  I shook my head from side to side, hopeful she’d know what that meant.

Well, I promise more later;  gotta run now. Mom’s calling me for dinner.

~ Lola

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Nonnie Jules, Founder & President of the RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB (#RRBC), a partner in 4WillsPublishing Author Services and wrangler of a very busy family, is often referred to as an enigma. Nonnie prefers to take that label up a notch as she does with everything in her life.  An enigma wrapped in a brain is the label that fits her best. That brain is what keeps all the moving parts of the ever-fluid RRBC in constant motion. Managing these successful entities along with her home life keeps her busy from dawn until dusk…literally.

Nonnie has authored several books in various categories such as SELF-HELP, NOVELS, POETRY and SHORT STORY. She refuses to be placed in a box as a writer of only one genre of literature. She feels that she can skillfully cover it all.

One of her desires is to become a best-selling author – not because all of her family and friends purchase her books, but, because her books are so good, everyone can’t help but spread the word about them.








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See, Kids Aren’t All That Bad – #RRBC # Parents #TinneyDavidson

Sometimes, it’s just not easy being a kid…no matter what age you are.  Being lumped into a general pool where some make the rest look so bad, is not an easy label to wear.  But, if you woke up this morning praying for a feel-good story, here is my gift to you!

The best part… “kids” are the stars of this show!

People like Ms. Tinney cause me to miss the “villages” of old.  My daughters weren’t as lucky as I was to have lived during such a time…when neighbors took care of neighbors.  Now, it’s every man for himself and you had better mind your own business!

So, did you have someone like Ms. Tinney in your neighborhood when you were a child?  If so, what do you remember most about them?

The Justice System Failed… #RRBC #RWISA #Parenting #Parents #Justice

You know, as a mom, I don’t give much leeway in areas that negatively impact the safety of our children.  When it comes to that, things are typically black and white with me.  There is no gray area.

I recently came across this video (from 2013) of a mom who jeopardized, not only the lives of her children, but, also the lives of the officers involved in this incident, and the lives of the community where this incident took place.

Take a look at this foolishness…

Because I have (adult) children on the roads, I am against police chases where there are innocent people driving or walking about, but, in this case, I feel the officers were justified and I couldn’t wait for them to apprehend her.  (The fact that she thought she could get away from them, points to her level of intelligence…so maybe I should cut her a little slack here.  Nawwww, I don’t think I will.  YOU CAN’T GET AWAY FROM THE POLICE!)

The officer who initially stopped her was one of the most patient people I’ve ever seen;  he was also respectful and kind.  The fact that he stood on the side of the road for so long, giving her every opportunity to just make a choice as to how she wanted to handle the little citation, even while knowing that she was driving with an expired drivers license, puts his generosity on full display.  I’m sure that we’re all familiar with the old adage “No good deed goes unpunished.”  Well, it applied ten-fold in this case.

I speak quite often about the behaviors of children and I firmly believe that the way that our children are, is a direct result of what they witness from our own behavior.  My daughters would have never gotten out of the car to confront authority.  Now, had this officer been wrongfully assaulting this mom, then I could understand the son getting out to assist her…or, coming to her defense.  That’s a natural instinct of sons…no matter how big or small, they want to defend their moms.  But, the video offers solid proof that this mom was in the wrong, and the officer, in my opinion, went above and beyond in his quest to get her and her kids safely back on their way.  Sadly, expecting this mom to realize that, was asking just a little too much.

Upon further research on this event, I was, and still am, outraged to find that this woman received ONLY 6 months of unsupervised probation.  THAT’S IT!  Talk about getting off with just a slap on the wrist.

I was further outraged to find that the officer (who was clearly firing at the tires of the vehicle) was fired for doing so.  YES, I SAID THAT!  Was that a poor choice that he made, firing towards a vehicle with children inside?  Yes, of course it was, but, he should not have lost his job over it.  He was trying to stop a criminal.  Where was his slap on the wrist?  Had they run out when it came time to judge his actions?  (Hmmmm…maybe he should have gotten in line before her).


The justice system failed miserably in the punishment of this mom.  Allowing her back on the street with only that slap on the wrist, was a slap in the face for all who insist upon and who fight for justice at all times, and in all situations.

You know, I’m not naive by any measure.  I am very aware that there are dirty cops in the world – probably more than we can wrap our minds around.  But, the officer who stopped this woman, clearly does not fall in that number.

We are living in a new day and age where everything around us is different.  The world is moving so fast and with technology, sometimes it’s hard to not get swept up into what’s going on online, when our sole focus should be on the proper rearing of our children.  Believe me, Facebook, Instagram, Snap-chat and all the other forums some of you live on for entertainment and for sharing all of your personal life, aren’t that important when you have kids to raise.  Remember, parenting is your most important job.  (And, if you’re a parent and it’s not…God bless your child and the world around them).

Parents, WAKE UP!  This woman could have cost her child his life with the stupid decisions she made.  She could have lost all of her children during that chase – again, because of her stupid choices.

This was not a race issue as I noticed a few comments that hinted at such.  This was all about right and wrong…and that mom, 100% WRONG;  the justice system – 100% WRONG.

I know – I’m living inside of a bubble if I think that all the wrongs made in this world can somehow magically be made right.  But, that will never stop me from trying to make our world a better place, by first, getting everyone to agree that it all starts at home with US and second, that we should all learn to respect and care deeply about our fellow man.

OK, climbing down from my high-horse now.  What do you think about this video?  Do you think this mom was sentenced fairly?  Should that officer have lost his job for firing at the tires with the kids inside?  I’d love to hear your opinion.

Thanks for dropping in!