Two Boxes of Kleenex, Please! #RRBC #RWISA

I know that a lot of people love the holiday season for gift-giving and receiving, and also for that special time that they’ll get to spend with family and friends..most who they only get to see once a year.

I love it because it seems that everyone is just nicerkinder…and more selfless.  Although being nice, kind and selfless is the way that I live my life year round, and are also the core values which have been instilled in my children, I’m always moved to press upon others the importance of these “gifts” that should be shared.

Since it’s the holiday season, I think it’s only fitting that I share this story.  If you don’t need two or more boxes of Kleenex after watching, then you must be the first cousin of the grumpy, green Mr. Grinch.

Take a look…

How did this story affect you?


The “HALLOWEEN FUN – GET YOUR SPOOK ON” Weekend Blog Tour! @WendyJayneScott #RRBC #RWISA

Hello, and welcome to the “HALLOWEEN FUN – GET YOUR SPOOK ON” Weekend Blog Tour!  

I am so excited to introduce the ASK THE GOOD MOMMY followers and readers, to this wonderful author and her work!

And now, heeeeeeeeerrrrrrrreeeeeeee’s Wendy!


Spook-tacular Halloween Facts

The word “Hallowe’en” means “hallowed evening” or “holy evening”. It comes from a Scottish term for All Hallows’ Eve (the evening before All Hallows’ Day).

WJS Halloween

Jack-o’-lantern is named after the phenomenon of a strange light flickering over peat bogs. Also called will-o’-the-wisp.

In North America, trick-or-treating has been a Halloween tradition since the late 1920s. In Britain and Ireland the tradition of going house-to-house collecting food at Halloween goes back at least as far as the 16th century.


An early reference to wearing costumes at Halloween comes from Scotland in 1585, but they may pre-date this. There are many references to the custom during the 18th and 19th centuries in the Celtic countries of Scotland, Ireland, Mann and Wales.

WJS Images

(References: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

Halloween Writing Prompts by Wendy Scott


13 Spooky Writing Prompts to ignite your imagination.

Bats and cats, owls and howls, trick-or-treat, hosts and ghosts.

Have fun this Halloween by creating spooky stories to scare your family and friends.


Available in eBook & Print on Amazon:

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Twitter:  @WendyJayneScott

W J Scott

Author, W. J. Scott

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If You’re Not A Thief…Take a Look… #RRBC #RWISA

If you are a thief…Karma’s got your number!

Parents, please teach your children that karma is real.  When you do something bad, something bad is right around the corner waiting for you.  Or, just a slip across the lawn.  And, it doesn’t even have to be your own.

What do you think about Ms. Bold Slippery Feet?

MOMS, Make Mother’s Day All About You! #RRBC #RWISA

Being a mom is a never-ending job.  Most of the time, it is a thankless job, with tasks that no one else wants to take on.  And, being a Mom is the most important job there is.

As hard as my dear husband works at being the best in all that he does, especially the greatest husband and dad anyone that I know has ever met, there are times when he says to me:  “Honey, why don’t you stop and sit for a moment so that I can rub your back (shoulders or feet).”  Never wanting to go to bed without me, each night you can overhear him asking, “Babe, what time are “we” going to bed?”

My response, especially to the most kind questions involving him relieving some of my stress by giving me massages, is always: “Thanks, darling, but I don’t have the luxury of sitting down taking that kind of  break right now.”  He often tells me that it makes him sad that I feel I have to pass on these beautiful invitations because I am a Mom.  But, to me, wearing that title means that while the world is on a break or asleep or enjoying time off, I’m still on Mom-duty.  Not a complaint, just a beautiful truth.

This Mother’s Day, my wish for all of you who find yourselves serving alongside me in this most important, never-ending but sometimes “thankless” position, is that you make just this one day all about you.  DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO.  And, if that means just lounging on your sofa watching a full day of LIFETIME movies, that’s what you do.  It’s our day.  Let’s enjoy it the way we want to.

Before you leave, please tell us how you’ll be celebrating this special day today.  If you’re a daughter, son or husband, how will you be celebrating the most special lady in your life today?

For a special Mom’s Day poem and tribute to Moms still here and those who have gone on home, please drop by the May issue of THE RRBC PIPELINE MAGAZINE!




I woke up this morning to a story on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, that simply broke my heart.  Two little teenage girls were found dead on Tuesday, after having been dropped off by family on Monday (as the reports state), for a two hour hiking adventure.

You know, my daughters are young adults now, and I wouldn’t allow them to be dropped off anywhere, especially in some isolated place such as this, without adult (strong) supervision.  I mean, what is it going to take for us to wake up and realize that we live in a much different world than we did 40 years ago?  We can’t be this lax with our kids.  We can’t allow them to do these kinds of things, just because they want to. We can’t allow them such freedom, simply because we feel that they have to spread their wings and experience everything.  WE. JUST. CAN’T.

These babies were 13 and 14…who felt that they were old enough, or mature enough to handle all that they could have possibly encountered alone on this trail?  I just can’t wrap my mind around any of this!

My daughters were never dropped off at the movies…when they wanted to go, my husband and I were right there, sitting way above them in the same theater.  There were no drop-offs at the mall.  When they had to meet their friends for mall shopping trips, one of us, if not both of us, were right there, tagging far behind…but close enough to keep our eyes on them. (In my parenting guide, THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS, one of the tips suggests saying NO to drop-offs.)  There will be plenty of time for them to experience such things.


I cried after hearing the story above, I mean, I’m still in tears now.  My heart breaks for the parents, but I would just like to know WHY?

Parents, it’s time to wake up.  I almost said it’s time for US to wake up, but I cannot and will not place myself in that number.  You see, when these horrific acts are committed against our babies, I NEVER FORGET.  These images are forever engraved in my mind and because they are, I hold my babies tighter and tighter each time.  You people can call it what you want but because of the way that I hold mine, if they are nothing else, they are SAFE!

Here are some of the articles:

*Missing Girls Found Dead

*Daily Mail

What are some of the things you do to keep your kids safe?  Please share so that others might benefit from your experience in these areas.


Some Parents Ought to be Jailed! #RRBC

I like to bring awareness to lots of social “ills” as I call them, and a lack of awareness into everything your child is doing or is involved in, is one of the greatest ills affecting today’s society.

I know that we have a new wave of those very opinionated folks who have tagged moms like me as “helicopter” parents.  What I say to those “negative Nellys” is this:  my children aren’t running wild in the streets, they’re not getting into trouble “anywhere,” they’re not at risk of being “snatched” off the street, because they’re not on the street and surely, at this age, they were tucked safely away in their beds, without the possibility of being able to get up and just walk away from our home.

Take a look at this video, start to pay a little more attention and let this video move you so much, that you are a much better, and more attentive parent than you were before you saw it.  #WakeUpPeople