What Kind of Mom Are You Anyway? #RRBC

I have a friend who is a staunch Republican (but I don’t hold that against her and I still love her very much, anyway!). She says, “No, I’m very Conservative,” but, I won’t bore you with the details of that argument.

Every morning that I open my eyes, I call or text her just to rile her up about Trump.  But, today was a different kind of day, and I found myself angered at the thought of any mom of daughters, being able to vote for this person.  (I could call him a Lunatic or a Mad-Man, but I like to choose my labels very carefully before I go applying them.  I mean, there could be better adjectives out there that I could use, right?)  Well, I’m saving them for later.


So, I posed these questions to her today via text:

“How can ANY Mother of daughters be OK with a so-called man becoming President who degrades, demeans, and thinks and speaks so poorly of women?  How can ANY Mother of daughters feel safe with a lunatic in office, as leader of the free world, who has publicly stated that it’s OK to “grab women by the P#$%^” and “because you’re a celebrity, they’ll let you do it?”  At some point, some people need to give up their hatred of the other party and realize how freaking CRAZY this arse-hole is, and that our Daughters will suffer and not be safe under his regime.  I don’t care what race your daughter comes from, SHE WILL suffer and not be safe with him as President.  And then, how will staunch Republican Moms explain to their Daughters, that they put him in that office because they hated the Democratic party so much?”

Her response:

“Ha Ha!  I am not okay with any man or woman that degrades or dehumanizes any human being.  I believe both of our candidates are guilty of doing these things.  Donald Trump has apologized and has admitted shame for his actions. (That’s what abusive husbands do after they’ve battered their wife’s face up so badly that she’s unrecognizable, and then they turn around and do it again) Hillary Clinton has not.  I personally believe, based on factual evidence, that Hillary and Bill are corrupt and I will not vote for corruption to run our country.”  


NJ:  Sooooooo, crazy running our country is better?

She continues:  “Both parties hate Donald Trump (I assume she’s speaking of the Clintons).  If he has done anything criminal we would have found out a long time ago.  Why will I not vote Democrat?  I believe it promotes Socialism/Communism, which I consider to be immoral structures that steal from working citizens-steals their money, property, and freedom through taxation without representation.”

Whew!  She finally takes a breath!  But, all that didn’t stop me from picking up the phone and calling her.  It was time to take this debate LIVE!


“Mitzi, my dear friend (names have been changed to protect the delusional), I’d like to point out where you have totally contradicted yourself, but first, you already know that I stand firm in all that I believe in.  In your defense of Trump’s behavior towards women, you stated:  “I am not okay with any man or woman that degrades or dehumanizes any human being,” yet, you are adamant about supporting Trump, in spite of what you heard him say.  Being NOT OK with something, means that you OPPOSE it, you are AGAINST it, you REBUKE it, and there is no way that you are going to aid in furthering it’s cause.

All who know me, know that without a shadow of a doubt, I am firmly convicted in the things that I believe in, and when I oppose something, you can bet your bottom dollar that it will never wear my support.  My friend’s way of thinking, is a perfect example of STANDING FOR SOMETHING OR FALLING FOR ANYTHING.  She says she does not agree with what he has said OR his behavior of women, yet she’s going to vote for him anyway.  Does this make sense to any of you?  Because it makes absolutely zero sense to me.

Mitzi shared with me one day, that she had to vote for someone and that there were no other choices.  Hmmmm, what about that Jill Stein (Green Nominee) and that Gary Johnson (Libertarian Nominee)?  Poor things, they are unfortunately on our ballot of evildoers and crooks, aren’t they?  But, she wouldn’t vote for them, because as I mentioned earlier, she’s a staunch Republican…the ones who vote straight Republican no matter their views on anything!   I can’t say that there is much that frightens me in this world, but people who have that kind of mentality…puts me right smack dead in the middle of the original “THE HILLS HAVE EYES” movie.  And, that movie scares the heeby-jeebies out of me!

So, here is my question to all you other moms (or fathers) of daughters, who are staunch Republicans (undercover Conservatives):  are you bothered enough by the things that Trump has said about women, someone else’s daughters, that you are going to give him a pass (BECAUSE HE APOLOGIZED), and vote for him anyway?  OR, since folks have said that Hillary is evil, are you going to vote for the lesser evil?  All politics aside, at this point, my only concern is that a man who thinks the way that he does, could possibly rule in a world where my beautiful daughters reside.

If your answer to my question above is “YES,” my next question might make you a tad uncomfortable…WHAT KIND OF MOM ARE YOU ANYWAY???!!!  And if you’re curious, I had a horribly ugly frown on my face in your direction, when I asked the question.


(No, it didn’t look like this…he’s just confused at your way of thinking)

You don’t have to reveal your political party preference here, but what is your take on STANDING FOR SOMETHING OR FALLING FOR ANYTHING?  Are you truly convicted in the things that you believe in, or, are you a fence-straddler or a lean-in-whichever- direction-the-wind-is-blowing kind of person?

Whichever you are, don’t be afraid to share with us in the comments section below.  Healthy, respectful debates never hurt anyone.  Actually, they only help us grow and give us insight into the mind-set of others.

Thanks for dropping by!


10 thoughts on “What Kind of Mom Are You Anyway? #RRBC

  1. Propaganda is very insidious. The Clinton’s were demonized from the moment they stepped into the public arena. The witch hunt began when he became president. Its too bad that he dropped his moral compass at the door but that is no reason to do to the Clinton’s what the Republicans did (no more than it was right for Democrats to demonize George Bush Jr). And now a whole generation of young people believe nothing but bad things about the Clintons. President Obama, a human candidate, was also demonized by the Republican party. They did a good job. Only problem is, this time the public isn’t buying what they are selling. Now the security and safety of our country is at stake under crazy Donald Trump. Everyone should be appalled at how Trump is abusing his power right before our eyes. The republican party is frozen in their seats and not providing checks and balances. I pray for our country and our little girls (and boys). Everyone should pause, take a deep breath and “take our country back!”


  2. I am surrounded by Trumpsters who hate Hillary so much that they will ignore all factual evidence and vote for the crap that the Republican Party has chosen to represent them. I have shared with them time and time again how demeaning and contradictory and just plain wrong Trump is, and they just come back with Hillary is evil. 🙄 They have bought into Trump’s hatred and scare tactics and false promises. And if he becomes President, he will turn around and blame the other branches (via Twitter) when he can’t fulfill any of his promises.

    Personally, I’ve had it with both political parties. I think it’s time for the citizens of this great nation to take back our country and drop our two parties like hot potatoes. Maybe it’s time for voters to change their voter’s registrations to the Independent party after this election. Now, imagine the impact if every single person who is affiliated with one of the parties dropped his/her affiliation and went independent. Imagine the panic that it would cause to the parties when they realize that the citizens of this country no longer want to be affiliated with them. Back during the Civil Rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. encouraged the blacks to boycott the businesses and buses that refused to serve them, and their peaceful boycotts brought real change. I think it’s time for the citizens of this country to boycott the two parties until our elected government officials remember that they are supposed to be representing and servicing the people of this country, not their own self-interests.

    My son watch the first two debates with me, and he made it clear that Trump was not a good person. And I agree with him. I want my President to be a person who treats others with respect, who has a strong moral code, and who sets a stellar example for our children of what it means to be a good citizen. Trump is NOT that person.

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  3. I’m registered as a Democrat… but I never vote ONLY that way. I like to read about everything, watch debates, etc.. then make my decision and I HAVE indeed voted Republican or Independent before.
    I absolutely cannot believe anyone, mom or dad, would, in their right mind, vote for Trump. I don’t understand it at all. It scares the hell out of me that it is a possibility he could be voted in as our president. I have no idea how I’d explain that to my boys. I thought it was kind of entertaining and funny that U.S. citizens ‘joked’ about moving to other countries (if Trump won) at the beginning of the campaign…. Uh, sign me up now.

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  4. Seriously, though. So many people have a raging case of Clinton Derangement Syndrome. They’ll believe anything bad about her, without proof, but ignore the evidence of Trump’s character that he reveals every time he opened his mouth. There’s the misogyny, the racism, the total ignorance of world affairs, the cheating of his contractors, etc. I’m about ready to lose my mind. Thanks for this.

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  5. Nonnie, that dog seems to have said it all, even if he is just showing his confusion. :).

    However, when did it become okay for ones personal emails to be stolen and exposed to the whole world, as we are seeing happening? Isn’t that a crime by itself?

    That apart, let us stack the two candidates side by side to see which one comes out looking better, and we can still give it to Hillary Clinton. There is nothing about Trump that, even closely makes him decent enough to lead this country, nothing, and yet, the man believes he is qualified to become president of this country?! I am appalled that he is still standing, and shocked at the number of people (are they really people?) supporting him. I don’t even want to visualize him as the president.

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  6. I’ve never subscribed to the view that politics and religion should not be brought up in polite conversation, whether or not you like to do your talking in bars. However, I don’t feel comfortable with commenting on politics in countries I don’t reside in, because I won’t have a good grasp of the fine details…
    I’ll make an exception in this case, because this US election doesn’t just effect the USA, as the victor will be stepping onto the world stage come 2017. Reason why? It’s quite simple USA – if THAT MAN is your leader, the USA will become at best a global laughing stock for 4 long years! At worst? Well, I fear US politics will be so mistrusted and reviled that it will cease to be a major world influencer and achieve the isolationists dream of being excluded and friendless in the international community..

    Yes, there’s a lot to mistrust from the Democrats, but the Clintons do have an established standing internationally that is positive and workmanlike. It may seem like Euro-cynicism, from me, but Hilary appears be a victim of guilt by association to a large degree, because of her husband’s behaviour in and out of office. Whatever the truth of that matter, in the UK and indeed the rest of Europe, she is seen as the more serious and professional person in that political partnership, and on that world stage her stock is pretty high still because she has played.a full and executive part in her husband’s political career before and after he was President. She has political clout and a long and visible track record.

    Trump in comparison has no political pedigree whatsoever. Yes, he’s a hugely successful businessman and has celebrity status through a show where he belittles and patronises celebrities, that is consistent with the whole ‘sexist attitude’ issue. So what? Irrespective of belated and reluctant apologies, does that qualify him for any government position? It does not..
    His core attitude, so perfect for a plutocrat, sucks a million lemons for the ideal profile of the leader any country wants and needs to navigate their economy and reputation, at home and abroad.

    Please think about what you’re doing USA – this increasingly small world is counting on you listening with your brains, not your battered ears and insecurities, when it comes to electing a President you can ultimately be proud of at home and abroad.

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  7. What a way to start my day, Ms. Jules? This question should be answered by dads, too. My male friends were appalled by Trump’s comments about groping women. I’m like Oprah where Trump is concerned. A long time ago she warned us, “If someone shows you crazy, believe it.” Staunch Republican leaders are voting against him. That should say something to the average Republican supporter. As my mom used to ask, “if everybody is jumping off a cliff, are you going to jump, too?”

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