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I Am Just Like @JoeBiden’s Mom! #RRBC #RWISA #Parenting

Yesterday, as I watched the final night of the Democratic National Convention, I was so moved by the story that was told about Joe Biden’s mother, I captured the audio to share with you below…

I thought I was the only mom in the world like this! 

I have a story so eerily similar to Joe’s, that I was reeling when I heard the one above. 

When my baby was in kindergarten, a little boy shoved her on the playground.   When she told the teacher, as she had been taught to do (by my husband), the teacher responded rudely with … “If you tattle one more time…”  

Well, when I picked my baby up from school that afternoon, I noticed as we were walking to the car, her beautiful smile was missing. “What’s wrong, baby?” I asked. She shared with me what the teacher had said to her.

I turned around so fast, my baby’s feet were probably lifted from the ground, as her hand was in mine while I was in fast motion.  I marched up to this teacher, in full view and earshot of every other parent, child and teacher around, and I asked her, “Did you threaten my baby?”  In her boldness (or ignorance as to the kind of mom I was and still am) she said, “Yes, she tattles…”  

Before the woman could finish her sentence and before I could form another thought, my finger was on her nose. Yes, TOUCHING THE TIP OF HER NOSE.  I said to her, very calmly and with extreme clarity, “If you ever threaten my child again, I’m going to sweep this entire area with your little body.” 

Yes, I said and I did just that – I also meant every word.  So, as you can see, I loved hearing that Joe Biden’s mom, a mom before my time, was fierce enough to “warn” a nun that she would rip that damn bonnet off her head if she threatened her child again.  She was a mom just like me!

Every mom in this world should feel that protective of their babies.  Every mom in this world should be that bold when it comes to standing up to adult bullies when they threaten their babies in any way.  Every mom should be just like Joe Biden’s mom.  I wish I had known her!

Bravo, Mrs. Biden!

Have you ever had a brave mommy moment like Mrs. Biden?  

Are You Raising Your Kids To Be Common (Like Everybody Else) or Exceptional?

I recently read a review of my book  “THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TO RAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS”, 100 Tips On Raising Daughters Everyone Can’t Help But Love!  Now this review was totally negative, and although I know that every review is just the opinion of one, even when similar reviews pop up and carry  the same undertones, I’m just appreciative that the time was taken to read it.

I have never been one to follow the crowds or the masses.  I have never been one to jump on a bandwagon simply because it was the fullest.  So, I guess all of you can take from this that I have never been a follower, always a leader.  I mean, I’m hesitant to even be called a FOLLOWER on Twitter simply because I don’t like being tagged as one…anywhere… period.  So, I’m saying all of this to get you prepped for this blog.  Now let’s go back to that review…

This reviewer said a few things (and I will try to share the best ones):

1) “You sound dated” – Well, I never!  (But, I’m sure somewhere I have).  That being said, I will continue to sound DATED if it means that the world is filled with better children.  Monsters are being raised and sent out into the world to hurt, to maim and to kill.  And I would take “my kind of daughters” any day, over the ones I see walking the streets, ON THE NEWS (for not-so-good-reasons), and the ones you all whisper about when you see them misbehaving and dressing like trollops while you’re in the grocery store.  Yes, I did say that, because let’s face it, most of us think it.

2) “People are going to stop in their tracks, put down your book and run far, far away if the very first thing they read is DON’T HAVE SEX!”–  In today’s society, there are girls as young as 10 and 11 yrs old getting pregnant, so somewhere, someone should have been telling and teaching them NOT TO HAVE SEX, especially at such a young age.  There are girls also that young, walking around with sexually transmitted diseases.  Why?  Because no one took the time to teach them that they needed to wait…that they needed to grow their minds not just their bodies, and most often these same girls are having sex with multiple partners.  How sad is this?  I’m glad that my daughter has chosen to wait, and if and when the time comes that she feels she can’t wait any longer, I will still be proud that she cared enough about herself to wait as long as she did.

Yes, I’m very proud that my adult daughter is still a virgin.  I’m not ashamed to say that and no matter how many negative, ugly (obviously purely jealous) reviews I get on this matter, it’s not going to change my take on it.  People don’t stop me in restaurants, in line at the market or on the street after talking to, or overhearing my daughter’s conversations, etc. to comment on their behavior for no reason.  They do it because the behavior they see exhibited isn’t the norm.  It isn’t common, and they are amazed and impressed that there are still those kinds of daughters in this world.

So, let’s move on from that reviewer’s review because I’m glad to share that I receive MORE reviews in favor of the tips in the book, than the ones I receive like this one. Actually, I think this is the very FIRST review that I’ve received that wasn’t 4-5 stars (the ones that were written by the kids who said they would never read the book because “who cares if your daughter is a virgin”, don’t even begin to count).   Take a look below (once inside the link scroll down just a little to the video).  I must warn you, there is violence and profanity:

Common daughters that are being sent out into the world: 

So, what I take from that is this:  her parents should have been a bit more “DATED” in their parenting.  Would you agree?  If they had been, would she be on the street, in public displaying such criminal behavior?  I think not.  The problem today is we have too many lax parents who don’t care what their kids are doing, just as long as they are not bothering them.  But sadly, what they do care about is the opinion of others when raising their kids to be something other than common.

I took the time to raise my daughters properly, the correct way.  It was and still is my most important job.  I do not care about the opinions of others in regards to my parenting methods because they turned out two exceptional people who will go out into society and make it a much better place for all of you.

I boast daily about my daughters and the way they are.  I boast because I’m the proudest Mommy alive.  Now tell me, when’s the last time you heard a mom boasting of this:  “Oh yes, she sleeps with every Tom, Dick and Harry around!  She goes out into the street and she beats up other girls!  She cusses and disrespects her teachers at school and they call me daily about this!  She bullied the little girl down the street and caused the little girl to almost kill herself.  She disrespects me and her father!  I am so proud!”  I don’t ever want to breathe the same air as a parent who thinks like this.  And sadly, I move around in a world daily with tons of them.

What kind of kids are you raising?  Are you raising them to be common, just like everybody else? OR, are you raising them to be exceptional human beings?  I pray it is the latter.