How Dare You Ask For My Permission To Abuse My Child! @RRBC_Org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA #MelissaCarter #abuse

I believe in discipline.  I believe in spanking.  I don’t believe in corporal punishment.  As a child whose mom signed the form every year for her children to be paddled if need be (it was the thing back then) and, as a child who has gotten a swat (one) with a paddle before (for no reason other than the entire classroom was punished for only a few talking when they shouldn’t have been), I am disgusted by the video below.  

I have never had to discipline my children by hitting them.  Don’t get me wrong, some kids are so disrespectful and horrible, I’d like to snatch their teeth from their mouths with my bare hands, but, I didn’t have those kinds of kids.  I had the most well-behaved kids ever, and as adults now, they are the most amazing young ladies I’ve ever seen.  (I still receive compliments from anyone who has ever met and had a brief conversation with either of my daughters.)

I received a similar form early on when my oldest began school, requesting permission to paddle if the need ever arose.  It was standard that the note go home with every child.  After receiving the form the first time and going to the school with my verbal response, I never received the form again.  How dare you ask me to give my permission for you to abuse my beautiful babies.  

What this woman did to this baby was abuse … and all I want is her phone number, since she’s daring the child to report her to the police.  

I hope at the time of my posting, this school principal, #MelissaCarter from Florida, has been arrested.  I also hope that her assistant is sitting in a cell right next to her.  My final wish for the two of them, well, I’ll hold my tongue as my language just might border on offensive.

I am disgusted!

NOTE:  If you want more on this story, use her hashtag above.  

UPDATE:  I have since found an article which states that the principal will not be arrested.

I am even more disgusted now!

3 thoughts on “How Dare You Ask For My Permission To Abuse My Child! @RRBC_Org @RRBC_RWISA @Tweets4RWISA #MelissaCarter #abuse

  1. I saw this video on TV and the principal appeared to be out of control, and should not be disciplining a small child. It makes my blood boil when I see a child being abused. It’s unacceptable. The mother may be intimidated and afraid if she is an immigrant and may need someone to speak up for her. I’m not judging until I get all the facts.


  2. My blood is boiling right now. That pathetic excuse for a human being does not deserve to be a principal or anywhere near children. How dare she humiliate and abuse that poor kid! I don’t care what she did; she didn’t deserve that. If anyone were to ever lay a hand on my child, all hell would break loose. That woman needs to be fired and never allowed around children again.

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