Why Are We Still Here in 2020? #RRBC #RRBC_Community

“You don’t have to be oppressed to disagree with the oppressor. Change only comes when we all take a stand.”

~Nonnie Jules


I came across this story and it ripped my heart out for a couple of reasons – one, to know that we are still here in 2020 is just maddening, and two, that there would be those who would try to hurt someone, still in 2020, based on the color of their skin.

Read this story about Crystal MasonTell me what you think about it in the comments below.

In case you’d like to delve deeper into this story, here is the link to YouTube vides about this story.

All I can say is WOW!  We are really still here…




6 thoughts on “Why Are We Still Here in 2020? #RRBC #RRBC_Community

  1. This just breaks my heart. No one should endure that kind of treatment, especially when there are truly bad people out there walking our streets every day. There are some things, and some people, that I will never be able to understand.


  2. I think stories like this show proof of the unfair, biased treatment (racism) that many states (especially southern states) still practice against black and brown people. I don’t understand this blatant hate and fear of people who are already downtrodden. I usually try to steer clear of politics on social media, but I’m SMH on this one.


  3. Its just frustrating when you see stories like this one Nonnie. I am passing it on. I hope it has already gone viral. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Wow is right. I can’t see this being more than a fine at the very most. I’m glad people are rallying behind her because it makes no sense. A quote touched me this morning that I kept thinking about as I read this. “If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies. How different our ideals of beauty would be.” –Humanity

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