Whether You Believe Or Not… #RRBC #RWISA

Everyone knows that I love inspirational stories so when I came upon an article recently about a 10-year old boy who had been kidnapped…I couldn’t help sharing the “thing”  that got him released.

Willie Myrick, born to atheists parents (but raised by his godmother) was playing in the front yard when he was approached and thrown into the back of a car.  The story goes that the kidnapper drove him around Atlanta for three hours, threatening and cussing him all the way.

The little boy says that he was terrified – and then all of a sudden, he began singing a gospel song called “EVERY PRAISE” by gospel recording artist, Hezekiah Walker.  The kidnapper could not get him to stop singing, so, annoyed, he dropped the boy off at a random location and sped away.  Willie says:  “I guess he got tired of me singing.”

I’d never heard this song, so I rushed to YouTube to find it and came across the most perfect version of it.  They say that music is the universal language, one that we all understand – it connects us in ways we never could imagine and that is exactly what I felt when I saw all that I saw in this video.

Please, no matter the hue of your skin, watch this video all the way through.  (It will be our little secret if it even moves you to get up and dance a bit, too!)

Did it move you any?  Please, let me know how it made you feel in the comments below?

10 thoughts on “Whether You Believe Or Not… #RRBC #RWISA

    • I loved the story. I agree music is the universal language. Inspiring song and video. How could you not be hapoy after hearing this?


  1. I thought to myself “What kind of music can touch you?” when you sent this link. Boy what a pleasant surprise. I love this and can see how effective it can be in a kidnapping.

    I love good, inspiring music.


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