If You Voted For Him, Has He Gone Too Far Yet? @nonniejules

I know that I should be standing on the premise of “When they go low, we go high” (Thank you, PRESIDENT BARACK & MRS. OBAMA for always exuding the highest level of dignity and decency), but what I am hearing today, has me outraged…on another level.  And, for the record, I don’t have to have brown skin to feel this way, and the same applies to you.

Logged into my Twitter just now and this is what I find…

How sad was that?  So, I ask – if you voted for him, has he gone too far yet?  Has he gone far enough for YOU to vote for something different in the coming election?  If you don’t think that this person is inciting hate and spewing the worst kind of venom ever, you are either wearing blinders that are too tight OR you’re just like him, and he’s doing exactly what you want him to do.  Yes, I said that and I didn’t stutter when I did.

When was there another time in our history that we had such a person running our country?  When?

When was there ever a time that our country was the laughing stock of third-world countries?  When?

When was there a time in our lives that we had to hang our heads in shame because we belong to the America that is now?

When was it ever this bad?  I mean, those babies at the border are still babies…no matter the shade of their skin…right?

MAGA?  Make America great again?  My America was great long before this person took office.  Now, my America looks more and more like a cartoon with every tweet that he sends from the Oval Office.

MAGA?  What does that mean to me coming from him?  Let me turn it around the way that I like to do when I’m putting a different spin on negativity.  Let’s get rid of MAGA and turn it around to AGAM.  You know what that means?  AGAINST GOD AND MAN, because everything that he does and every word from his mouth goes against God and Man.

 You’re welcome, person.

If you voted for him hoping that he would make some real positive change, I sincerely hope that you can now see that he is what is wrong with our country.

If you’re not happy with any of the candidates lining up to run against him (and there are many), meet “Bart” and his wife “Sally”…

All Lives Dogs

They’d be happy to step in and MAKE OUR COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN, and I love their campaign slogan more than anything!  They’ve got my vote!

“Hey, person, all the hate you give won’t stop us…WE WON’T MOVE.”

Oh, and if you’re wondering why I have crossed out the word person as it applies here, well, here is the definition of a person: human being as distinguished from an animal or a thingUnderstand now why I can’t even refer to him as such?

How do you feel about his latest incite of hate?  Voting for him again?


24 thoughts on “If You Voted For Him, Has He Gone Too Far Yet? @nonniejules

  1. Wow. It’s heartbreaking that so many Americans have to put up with this in this day and age. I’m still heartbroken and shocked that he was even elected for office. The America I thought I lived in turned out to not be the place I thought it was. Thank you for sharing this video even though it was so hard to watch.


  2. Nonnie, you’ve expressed the sentiments of many of us. This man has a severe mental illness and if you went to the dictionary for a visual of a true narcissist, his picture would be beside it. He is an extremely wealthy thug and a dangerous man to everything we hold dear in our country. Thank you for your honesty and YES, I will most certainly remember that candidate’s name!

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  3. I am so sorry for what this man is doing to this country. My questions is, what does he hope to achieve? To throw this country back into that gone by era that separated the whites and the blacks? If he only knows that the world does not go backward but forward, and that there is nothing he can do or say to send this country back there again. He will stop if he knows, but he doesn’t know. People like him have only one track mind. They can only see the image they have created in their minds, and his image is, HATE! It will eat him up and he will die in hate. Those who kill by the sword, die by the sword. Those who kill by hate die by hate. 😈

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  4. As an Australian who has no say in the selection of the leader of your great nation, I am hesitant to offer an opinion.(But since when has that ever stopped me?) I believe I speak for a great many of my fellow Aussies when I say how worried we have been about HIS appointment to such a powerful office. I shake my head in sad dismay at the theatrics he indulges in, and hope that the upcoming election will again prove to me that the American people haven’t forfeited the chance for not only change … but change for the betterment of ALL its citizens. I hold you all in my thoughts.

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  5. Thank you, Nonnie. This next election is pivotal for all the reasons you’ve articulated. Somehow, we need to move from anger and despair to hope and inspiration. I’ll be voting for the person who has the ability to lead us through the divides and bring us collectively into solidarity. ♥

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  6. Nonnie, I grew up wondering often why the whites in nearby communities always seem to have the best homes, manicured lawns, the best schools, all types of business establishments lining the main thoroughfares, best entertainment for their children and adults; and an overall utopian look and feel where no violence or bad things ever happen. I thought people living in those communities must be rich, until I was told otherwise. We were forced to live in public housing where rich and poor resided. In my book I talked about what happened in my Catholic Community and discovered that a lot of the living conditions forced upon the black folks was by design. I learned about Black Wall Street in Tulsa Oklahoma. It was burned down by the Ku Klux Klan while the police and mayor looked the other way. They had everything a wealthy community could have and like thousands of other places, it was taken away with the blessings of the government that was supposed to protect them.

    So if Donald Trump wants to go there and bring down our self esteem by talking down our communities, he should remember the above facts. I heard that Rep.Cummings community has housing problems brought on by Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, who is a slum landlord. So if he wants to go there then lets talk about it. Then we can get into reparations that will address the decades of injustices that led to disparities between the black and white communities and you will understand why there is a wealth gap in this country that needs to be addressed.

    I hope I’m not getting carried away but its time to talk about all of it.

    Thank you, Nonnie, for having the courage to bring up this touchy subject.

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    • Shirley, you are correct – it’s way past time for talking about this. Now is the time for action. Let’s stop complaining about this joke and do something about it. Get out and VOTE! What he is doing to our country, isn’t funny. It’s sad and I’m horribly embarrassed as a citizen.

      Thank you, Shirley, for your thoughtful comment. 🙂

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  7. I share your sentiments, Nonnie. My fiscally conservative Republican friends are embarrassed by him and by the Republicans who are too worried about maintaining their own positions to stand up for decency. This coming election shouldn’t be about Republicans or Democrats. It should be about stopping this country’s slide into totalitarian politics. I see his actions as deliberately calculated to have us reacting to his latest outrage while behind the scenes he is quietly taking democracy apart. For example, his appointing interim people avoids the scrutiny of the Congress — not that they’re doing much scrutinizing –and erodes the checks and balances that limit a president’s power. My friends of both parties will vote for anyone who is not Trump or someone like him. But my friends are not worried about Making America White Again. He makes me so angry. It’s too much like the atmosphere in Europe before WWII. Fomenting hate and divisiveness. We know how that ended. Thanks for the post, Nonnie. Now I will go calm myself.

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      • Denise, when I hear people rave about this person, I just stare, like, are you blind and deaf? Do you not hear the hatred that comes from his mouth?

        But you know what, I’m not blind and I do know that birds of a feather flock together. So what does that tell you?

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    • Denise, that has always been my response as well. I have never liked him, even when he was a Democrat. It isn’t about the party he is associating with. It’s about his character (or lack thereof). It infuriates me that others in his party are too afraid to stand up to him and do their jobs, especially since he does not embody the values and morals that used to be associated with the Republican party. They are afraid of his vitriolic retaliation, and that is pathetic! They were elected to do a job, a job that requires them to keep our three branches of government separate and equal, and they are failing to do that.

      I just can’t figure out why they would give up their souls for this tyrant. Even if they impeach him, their party would still hold the White House. They could still pass the legislature that they want to pass. So, why allow him to destroy our country? I don’t get it. I just keep hoping that some brave Republican would stand up and run against him. I keep hoping that if their party had another choice, the moral and decent people in that party would choose the other person. Sadly, I don’t think it will happen. 😥

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  8. Well said, Nonnie. He is truly an abomination. As a proud Canadian, I hang my head in shame that this man has brought America to its knees. I see Americans as family, cousins if you will, so I feel denigrated too. Unfortunately, I have no vote in 2020, but I hope that my American cousins will get out to vote in record numbers. That should do the trick.

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      • I know that is the truth! I remember the last time Trump spoke at the UN General Assembly and got laughed out of the place! I’ll wager he never goes back there!

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      • You’re right, John. He won’t go where they’re not praising (or shall I say “chanting”) his rhetoric. His ego’s too big for that…in spite of those little hands that keep moving all about.


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    • Forrest, thank you for your kind words. We have to ALL stand up and stand together against this hatred or before long, there will be people in chains, on boats and enslaved once again. There is no denying that this is racism and it is ugly and I WILL NOT stand by and watch it happen. I WILL NOT! How could any decent person not speak out against this outrage? When you witness and remain silent, you are party to the injustice being imposed.

      I’m sure there’s a lot in my DNA, but FEAR is not a part of it. Anyone who wants to challenge this, I say BRING IT! It would make my day – to have an intelligent “exchange” of thought on this matter, of course 🙂 (What did you think I meant?)

      Thanks for dropping by!

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