See, Kids Aren’t All That Bad – #RRBC # Parents #TinneyDavidson

Sometimes, it’s just not easy being a kid…no matter what age you are.  Being lumped into a general pool where some make the rest look so bad, is not an easy label to wear.  But, if you woke up this morning praying for a feel-good story, here is my gift to you!

The best part… “kids” are the stars of this show!

People like Ms. Tinney cause me to miss the “villages” of old.  My daughters weren’t as lucky as I was to have lived during such a time…when neighbors took care of neighbors.  Now, it’s every man for himself and you had better mind your own business!

So, did you have someone like Ms. Tinney in your neighborhood when you were a child?  If so, what do you remember most about them?

7 thoughts on “See, Kids Aren’t All That Bad – #RRBC # Parents #TinneyDavidson

  1. I loved Ms Tinney’s beautiful smile, and I was awestruck by the behaviour of that neighbourhood’s teenagers. Unfortunately, even after racking my brain, I couldn’t think of anyone coming close to the situation which Ms Tinney had with the young people in her area! 😏But thanks for sharing this most uplifting story and video, Nonnie!


  2. That’s a beautiful story, indeed! It doesn’t take much to show goodness! Something just like waving or smiling to someone can make that one’s day and it cost us nothing! Thank you for sharing, Nonnie!


  3. What a beautiful story. Tinney Davidson has the most beautiful smile and lights in her eyes! And the way the children responded was just overwhelming! Wow! Thanks for sharing, Nonnie!


  4. That is a wonderful story. My role model and the person who influenced me the most is my Godmother. Now she needs me and I am there for her.


  5. When I was growing up, we had an elderly lady named Ms. Letty in our neighborhood who sat on her porch (like a Lion in wait), watching the kids play. I can’t say that she was as sweet as Ms. Tinney, though. When our balls would go into her yard, she would hold them hostage and wouldn’t give them back when we went to her door to retrieve them.

    Fortunately, I had a no-nonsense mom, and when she came back from Ms. Letty’s, you can be sure that she didn’t return empty-handed.

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