Some Parents Ought to be Jailed! #RRBC

I like to bring awareness to lots of social “ills” as I call them, and a lack of awareness into everything your child is doing or is involved in, is one of the greatest ills affecting today’s society.

I know that we have a new wave of those very opinionated folks who have tagged moms like me as “helicopter” parents.  What I say to those “negative Nellys” is this:  my children aren’t running wild in the streets, they’re not getting into trouble “anywhere,” they’re not at risk of being “snatched” off the street, because they’re not on the street and surely, at this age, they were tucked safely away in their beds, without the possibility of being able to get up and just walk away from our home.

Take a look at this video, start to pay a little more attention and let this video move you so much, that you are a much better, and more attentive parent than you were before you saw it.  #WakeUpPeople


One thought on “Some Parents Ought to be Jailed! #RRBC

  1. I cannot believe my eyes and ears that that child made it out that late at night. God takes care of fools and babies. Thanks for sharing this Nonnie. It is a reminder that we all have to remain vigilant when it comes to our little ones.


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