So, Think I’m Paranoid Now? #RRBC #Parenting


With all of the negativity and racial unrest going on in the world lately, taking up space in every little corner of our lives, I somehow failed to catch a story about a recent attempted abduction of a child.

Now, when I hear about lax-parenting or parents who allow their kids to run off here and there and everywhere without supervision, etc., I say “People steal kids and I don’t want anyone stealing my beautiful babies so I keep a very close eye on them.” Is there laughter after folks hear me saying that “people steal kids?” Of course!  And, tons of it;  as if it is so unfathomable that children can be stolen, just like cars or other replaceable things.  Well, please take a close look at the footage below (and don’t blink, because you just might miss something) and then we’ll talk…


I love my daughters with a love that is truly indescribable, and admittedly, I like to keep them close, because then I know they’re safe.  I watch my daughter walk to her car when she’s getting ready to leave for work or school;  even though she parks inside of our garage, I want to know that she’s getting out of the car and walking into the house, and if I’m dropping my youngest at work, I wait for her to get completely inside the building before I pull away.

So many parents have said to me that “You can’t watch them all the time,” or “You have to let them go off and do other things away from you.” Although I agree with these at times, I am still from the thought process that too many parents, are just a little too lax in their parenting.

Too much is happening in the world today for us to not keep a very watchful eye on the ones we love the most, especially our innocent babies. In the blink of an eye, our children are gone, and this applies more to just the fact that they are getting ready to leave for college.

I am in no way saying that this mom was at fault for what happened to her child, although knowing me the way that I do, my baby, who stands 6’3 inches tall and is almost an adult, would have been standing right next to me in line, and she would have been standing on the side farthest away from the door.  I am in no way blind to the fact that there are real “crazies” in this world.   #Smart #NotParanoid.  I am just sharing the proof that’s clearly swimming around in the pudding…people really do “steal” children!

Believe me now?


10 thoughts on “So, Think I’m Paranoid Now? #RRBC #Parenting

  1. Do you live in Oz? I saw this on the News and what shocked me was, how fast that man grabbed the little girl. If the mother had her head turned the other way, he would have succeeded.. HORRIFIC! The only good thing about this video is that hopefully it will make mothers extra vigilant.


  2. I believe we are living in the last days. We are rushing toward the edge of the cliff and only Jesus Christ can stop us. As I’ve said before, we are devolving at a rapid pace. There’s no paranoia in what you’ve written, Nonnie, only truth.


  3. Child abuse and abduction cases were regrettably a large part of my stint as a Judge’s clerk in the courts in London and has painfully informed some of my writing since then. So, yes, you’re definitely not paranoid Nonnie and there is evil in this world, that doesn’t always look it, or have the ‘excuse’ of being on drugs or a sad history at the hands of adults when they themselves were children.
    These creeps come from all walks of life and every ‘culture’, so constant vigilance should and must be part and parcel of parenting skills the world over. 😦

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  4. My “babies” are grown, but I watch out for little ones wherever I am. Recently I saw Diane Sawyer’s interview with Jaycee Dugard. It was horrifying. Her kidnapper was/is the worst of humanity, while she is truly astonishingly beautiful. The contrast of good and evil, of terror and innocence, of the demonic and the angelic — simply takes your breath away.


  5. Linda I saw that. I was totally shocked but she got her back. Thankfully it was on video. Nonnie thank you for touching on this subject. We need to stay vigilant.

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  6. Just a couple of weeks ago the news showed a mother in a grocery store actually fighting a man who had her child’s arm. He was trying to wrestle the not-so-little girl away from her mom in the store, and it was captured on film. Aside from being evil, Joy, there is also money to be made in sex-trafficking. People are desperate, on drugs, and half crazy. They will do anything for money! Yes, Nonnie, my girls are grown. One is newly married, but they know to call me when they get home from visiting my house!

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