Haven’t We Had Enough of White Police Officers Brutalizing Black Kids? #RRBC

OK, I am extremely upset over what happened Friday in McKinney, Texas.  I knew nothing about this incident as I guess I’m much too busy to even watch the news these days.  I’ve seen several versions of the video, each one making me sicker to my stomach than the last.  This officer was out of line.  His language towards these kids, totally out of line, and I’m with the other portion of the world, black, white, green and brown in color, that this was racially motivated!  If you can’t see that and think otherwise, guess what we’re calling you?  Since I have taught my daughters to not name-call, I’ll just say YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE, IT BEGINS WITH AN “R”!  “YES, I SAID IT!”  And no, I didn’t stutter when I did!

I, as a mother of great kids, am so beyond floored at this blatant abuse of the rights of these children.  I cannot believe his language towards them. I cannot believe how he physically abused this young girl, a mere child, in broad daylight, with nary a care that he would be punished.  I see no white kids being abused, I see nothing but black kids under attack here, and it breaks my heart.  You all should know by now, that if these were disrespectful, unruly kids, you know what side I’d be on, because I have zero tolerance for kids who  behave in that manner.  My last blog was entitled “DISCIPLINE YOUR KIDS OR LAW ENFORCEMENT WILL DO IT FOR YOU” but this was definitely NOT what I meant.

Again, I am too disheartened to go on and on about this right now.  Maybe I will re-visit it later.  But, in the meantime, if you haven’t seen this video, let your heartbreak begin.

Take a look…




10 thoughts on “Haven’t We Had Enough of White Police Officers Brutalizing Black Kids? #RRBC

  1. I just clicked on the video again (why, I don’t know) but he’s a RACIST if I ever did see one! And it’s a good thing the Jack-hole resigned! And I’m only using that word in the event that some child passes thru this blog post!

    #PureInsanity that we are still having to witness things like this in the year 2015.


  2. Nonnie I suppose when I brought it up in your “Discipline your kids…” blog it was because I was so upset with the video. I kept thinking what if I had a daughter and this had happened to her, what would I do? I would file a lawsuit against the police dept and the community that instigated this whole thing. I was brought up to be tolerant-not be racist but there is a force out there that is legislating harm against our children. and no one can ignore it anymore. A resident called the police to say that there were black kids in the neighborhood who do not belong there starting trouble at a pool party. That was so untrue but look at the fact that those kids could have been killed behind all the lies. People we have a race problem in this country and if you don’t see it, then you are blind. There is a force out there that doesn’t want the president sitting in the white house and undermining everything he tries to do. When people who are in a position to do something about all of this, sit back and do nothing, they are part of the problem. What happens to one race, happens to all Americans. WAKE UP!

    I apologize for being so emotional about all this but this is the last straw for me and I’m venting.


    • Shirley, thanks for stopping by my other blog post and bringing this to my attention. You’re right, when we are witness to a travesty of justice such as this one, it makes us wonder if we are making any progress at all. I equate this with blacks being hosed down back during the Civil Rights Movement. So very sad and as a mom, hard to watch.


  3. There seems to be a thug mentality within our police departments. Up here in Detroit, a police officer shot and killed a seven-year-old girl while she slept on her grandmothers couch. After two mistrials, prosecutors dropped the remaining charges. This guy is back on the job. http://gawker.com/5540338/detroit-cops-shoot-and-kill-seven-year-old-girl-in-raid

    Two off-duty officers, driving home from a night at the bar, ended up driving off the road and crashing into a house. The home owner said they appeared to be drunk. Fellow officers responding to the incident didn’t even bother to administer a breathalyzer on these guys because the fellow officers claimed they didn’t appear drunk. They are still on the job.

    A Michigan State police officer, a trained sharpshooter, and his wife were going through a messy divorce. They fought over custody of their kids. The mother takes one child to the local zoo. The estranged husband drops them off, heads to get their other child. While he’s gone, his wife is shot dead by a sniper. This sniper cop isn’t even considered a suspect. The case remains unsolved many years later.

    A friend of mine from high school was drunk and arguing with his wife. The argument got loud (but not violent) and the neighbor called the police. My friend, in his kitchen making a sandwich, steps out on the front porch with a butter knife in hand, where he is ordered to drop the knife. He’s not charging them or acting aggressively. He never makes a threatening move. They open fire and shoot him numerous times, killing him right there. Nobody was ever charged or disciplined for this act.

    My point in all this is these guys are a gang now. They kill indiscriminately and almost always get away with it. Rarely are there ever any repercussions for these guys. They approach We the people as the enemy. That’s the sad state of our nation today.


  4. John, Kim…I totally agree with you both. I am just still too distraught to even discuss this situation anymore this evening. Kim, you are so right. I’ve heard many conversations of black parents having to have these conversations with their sons…now obviously, they need to have them with their daughters. #TooSadForWords


  5. Officer was totally out of line and should be let go. (I think he resigned) His two subordinates should also be disciplined as they knew he was out of control when he pulled that gun. They should have stepped in but didn’t.


  6. That’s appalling in so many ways I’m almost speechless. Policing is different in the UK in that handcuffs aren’t used quite so readily, especially where kids are concerned, but situations like that are so often escalated by officers letting their own prejudices, tempers and panic levels intervene to make things so much worse. A cool head and some minimal listening skills would get things sorted much more speedily, without everyone getting riled up and just plain upset or scared.
    It’s particularly galling when you see this happening in a so-called democratic, civilized nation, whether that’s in the Americas, Europe or Asia when we’re so quick to call on racial or other outrages in less ‘enlightened’, impoverished and deprived countries. We never seem to to evolve as a species when it seems our law-enforcement personnel revert to violent and offensive behavior almost by default. to what was most likely a low-key domestic disturbance that could have been calmed without having to beat up on young teenagers or humiliate them like animals…


  7. That video sent me in a rage!! That poor girl was SOBBING telling them to call her mother!!!! And he was just kneeling on her back!!!! UNREAL!!! I can NOT begin to tell you Jules that you would be sending me care packages to jail because that’s EXACTLY where I would be if that was my daughter laying on that ground!!! The havoc that I would have caused would be known NATION WIDE!!! That man needs to be FIRED and have his behind in jail for brutally handling a MINOR!!! This infuriates me!!!! This MADNESS with these coward – bullying police officers has to STOP!!! How many white families have to talk to their children about how to act when approached by a police officer? Well black families have to have these conversations with their children because their life ISN’T safe with these Fake Law Enforcing Officers!!!


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