Living a Good, Clean Life

My beautiful, young adult daughter recently wrote the piece below in her journal.  While visiting her  I noticed it as it was open-face on her desk and so I asked if I could read it. (It’s not like I was snooping or anything).   She calmly replied,  “Yes.”  (Now where is that icon for the total shock face when I need it?!!)

Journal Entry:

“No one can EVER say ANYTHING bad about me.   I carry myself as that which I am, a Lady, and I am that at all times.  I’m constantly doing things to better myself.  I don’t hop around from guy to guy AND I am a good person to EVERYONE, whether they have treated me well or not.  My reputation is sterling as my mom always reminds me.  My reputation is everything.”

And above this, she posted a little snapshot of a piece that read:

“Live in such a way, that if someone spoke badly of you, no one would ever believe it.”

While at dinner recently, my God-son was sharing how he didn’t like a certain “race” of women.  He’s also a young adult,  but I still reprimanded him and explained to him “why” it was inappropriate for him to make such a statement.  I pointed out that when he did, he disrespected his mother, his grandmother, me, as well as his God-Sisters (my daughters) whom he calls “my sisters.” He said to me, “But my sisters are not like any other girls I’ve ever met.  I don’t think there are any more like them in the world.”  Although, I once again was flattered at the compliment, (because that’s what it was), I told him that I was sure there were a lot more like them, we’d just not had the pleasure of meeting them.

Does anyone have to ask why people constantly hear me boast… “Yes, those two angels belong to me!?”

You will never hear me boasting of material things or wealth.  But, on any given Sunday and the other 6 days of the week,  you will hear me boast of these two EXTRA-SPECIAL daughters that GOD blessed me with.

I’d like to leave you with these very important tips, especially if your children are still in that impressionable stage of their lives…you know the one where they actually “HEAR” what you’re saying.  But really, no matter what age or stage your child is in, it’s never too late to teach them.  I taught mine these and my suggestion, is that you do the same.  My daughters breathe the air that makes this world a much better place.  Now who wouldn’t want to have those kind of children?

Teach your children to have good morals. 

Teach your children to treat everyone with common decency and courtesy.

Teach your children to be HONEST at all times.

Teach your children to be tolerant and very respectful of others.

Teach your children to be humble.

Teach your children love and that’s all they will know how to give.

Teach your children that reputations are very, very important.

I’m asking one thing of you today… Teach your children how to live a GOOD, CLEAN life.  How, you ask?  By letting them see you live a GOOD, CLEAN life.

What’s your take on good, clean living?


3 thoughts on “Living a Good, Clean Life

  1. I love the journal entry by your daughter. I have told my daughter very early on that her reputation is everything. You want to always be remembered for the good things that you represent.


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