For some, we spend more than a month trying to right these wrongs and searching for solutions to stop this vicious crime.  Which crime, you ask?  Any form of bullying is a crime in my eyes and it’s time that it became a crime in ALL eyes.  So I ask of you, for the next 14 days to  please take time out each day to  either research bullying topics to enlighten yourself and others, or speak to a child who is either being bullied or one you might know of who is a bully.  Is that asking too much?

Kids are dying because of the pain they are suffering at the hands of bullies.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and it’s time for us to take a serious, collective stand against this crime,  and if you do nothing, you are a part of the problem.  So tell me, will you be a part of the problem OR are you a part of the solution?  What will you do?


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